Insight is a Stat and Currency in Bloodborne.

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In-Game Description

Insight increases as your character gains knowledge beyond the ken of men. Insight increases as the story progresses and can be used in network play or traded for items.
The Insight stat represents the depth of inhuman knowledge. Needed to ring a special bell, but induces frenzy.


Insight is quite interesting, from a lore and gameplay perspective, as it determines a small but consequential number of factors in the game. Certain characters, locations, items, vendors, and enemies in the game are affected by the player's current Insight level. Insight is also something that can be used to purchase rare items from Insight Bath Messengers.

Higher Insight levels will increase the difficulty of the game because enemies will gain new and more powerful attacks. The player's vulnerability to Frenzy will also increase drastically.

Insight Revelations

The following is a list of how much Insight affects the world around the Hunter.

  • 15 Insight:
  • 30 Insight:
    • Winter Lanterns can be heard singing as if in the distance, but with a different song.
  • 40 Insight:
  • 50 Insight:
  • 60 Insight:
    • The sound of a baby crying will follow you wherever you go.
  • At a currently unknown level of Insight, the doorkeeper guarding the entrance to Byrgenwerth can be heard rambling about a beast bite and the door.

Gaining Insight

Insight is gained as the player progresses through the game, encounters or defeats bosses, finds new areas or uses certain consumables. The maximum Insight attainable is 99, afterwards, any occurrence or action that would normally increase Insight will do nothing (consuming a Madman's Knowledge or Great One's Wisdom simply uses the item but provides no benefit).

Consumable Insight Gain

Upon using certain consumable items, the player will receive a certain amount of Insight.

Location Insight Gain

Upon walking into secret or nightmarish places, the player will receive a certain amount of Insight.

The Old Hunters Locations:

Boss Encounter/Defeat Insight Gain

Upon encountering/defeating a boss, the player will receive a certain amount of Insight.

Vanilla Game Bosses:

The Old Hunter Bosses:

Chalice Dungeons Bosses:

Online Insight Gain

Upon fulfilling certain duties in online play, the player will receive a certain amount of Insight.

  • Killing an Adversary player as a Host grants +1 Insight.
  • Killing a Host player as an Adversary grants +1 Insight.
  • Defeating a boss in another player's world grants +1 Insight.

Other Means of Insight Gain

The Old Hunters:

  • Completing Adeline's quest grants +2 Insight.

Losing Insight

Insight can be spent / lost in the following ways:


  • Spending Insight causes the player's Beasthood and Frenzy to appear to be increasing, when in reality, it is simply being returned to normal.


  • Upon gaining Insight, a small cosmos will manifest and fade briefly after, around the player, all the while whispers can be faintly, yet aggressively heard.



Insight changes monster attacks in Bloodborne

Insight changes monster attacks in Bloodborne.

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