Iron Yahar'gul Helm
Iron Yahar'gul Helm
Attire Type
Head Attire
Physical DEF icon 60 Bolt icon 10
VS Blunt icon 40
VS Thrust icon 10 Slow Poison RES icon 5
Blood DEF icon 20 Rapid Poison RES icon 7
Arcane (DEF) icon 20 Frenzy RES icon 9
Fire icon 30 Beasthood icon 12
Yahar'gul, Unseen Village carriage driver corpse.

The Iron Yahar'gul Helm is head attire in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

"Iron helmet worn by hunters of the Unseen Village.
Removing the hood reveals something reminiscent of a warrior of a previous age.
This headwear is made of metal, a rarity for hunter garb, and has high defense, but only against physical attacks."



When compared to the Black Hooded Iron Helm it has lower overall stats except in Beasthood, although it only is a minute difference.

It does have less overall defenses when compared to the only other metal helmet of the game, the Cainhurst Helmet, most noticeably in Thrust defense, which makes sense from a logical standpoint, seeing as the Helm has very large openings that could be susceptible to stabs and pokes from slender weapons.



  • This Helm resembles two things in particular, the first is the visor which is an obvious nod to the popular helmet worn by Havel the Rock from Dark Souls. The second thing is the top part of the helm which seems appears to be based on a "Pith" helmet, a type of headwear used mostly by european huntsmen in tropical regions during the early 20th century.
    • This statement is further corroborated due to the item's description alluding to "something reminiscent of a warrior of a previous age."
  • Upon wearing the Helm, the hair on the player character's head will disappear as if it were bald, this is visible by tilting the camera to closely examine the character's face.

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