Key Items are a type of item in Bloodborne.


Key Items are important items that players can found throughout exploration, fulfilling questlines, slaying of bosses, or in other multiple ways.

They cannot be dropped and can fulfill multiple purposes. By reading the description of these items, one might get a hint of what their use is.

List of Items


Badges allow players to expand the merchandise available for purchase, whether through the common currency of Blood Echoes, or the far more rare currency of Insight.


A Key will unlock new paths and areas. Some are quite obscure on how to unlock them, but reading its description will provide a helpful hint. Not all Keys in this list resemble the traditional key that one might be accostumed to.

Messenger Hats

Simple decorative hats for the Messengers. Find these and then look for a tree stump behind the Workshop in the Hunter's Dream. Equip the hats there by talking to the Messengers in the stump, afterwards, whenever the player approaches a Lamp, their Messengers will always display that particular decoration.

Workshop Tools

These allow the Hunter to prepare himself against the adversities that might be found in Yharnam or the Chalice Dungeons.

Quest Items

Items necessary to complete NPC quests.

Miscellaneous Items

These are miscellaneous items that serve only a lore purpose or have no category that they could fit in.


  • Badges and Messenger Hats carry over to new playthroughs.
  • Key Items, Quest items, and Workshop Tools do not carry over to new playthroughs.
  • Workshop Haze Extractor (only workshop tool that does carry over as it is tied with Chalice Dungeons), Ring of Betrothal and Yharnam Stone carry over new playthroughs.