Labyrinth Ritekeeper
Labyrinth Ritekeeper (standing version)
Affiliation Pthumerians
Locations Chalice Dungeons
Drops ???
??? ???
Blood Echoes
??? ???
Physical DEF icon ??? Bolt icon ???
VS Blunt icon ??? Fire icon ???
VS Thrust icon ??? Slow Poison RES icon ???
Blood DEF icon ??? Rapid Poison RES icon ???
Arcane (DEF) icon ???

The Labyrinth Ritekeeper is an enemy in Bloodborne.



  • Hunched - These are the smaller versions, yet, not at all harmless. They are capable of casting giant, homing fireballs that are absolutely devastating, making matters worse they usually cast them sequentially one after the other. Having more than one of this Ritekeeper in the same room, as well as any other enemy is a common and quite dangerous occurrence.
  • Standing - Most players will be surprised at the comical yet true size of this Ritekeeper. She is usually if not always surround by Labyrinth Watchers and will buff any nearby enemy. She can run faster and is also capable of an Arcane blast and a powerful kick.



The Hunched variant is usually regarded as the most dangerous due to massive damage output and tendencies to be found in small areas with little room to maneuver, try to dodge at all times as often as possible in order to close the distance, and kill them as quickly as possible

The Standing variant is by and large much easier depending on the right circumstances. It will mostly depend on what enemies she is surrounded by. It becomes just a matter of dealing with the large numbers of weaker enemies and the going for her.



  • The Ritekeeper holds a human skull with what appears to be purple incense on her left hand, and a severed human hand with a candle on its palm and a golden decoration on the stump.
  • Her design, when standing, is reminiscent of the Mimics in the Dark Souls games.


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