The Labyrinth Warrior is an enemy in Bloodborne.

Labyrinth Warrior
Bloodborne™ 20150526234541
Affiliation Pthumerians
Locations ???
Drops ???
??? ???
Blood Echoes
??? ???
Physical DEF icon ??? Bolt icon ???
VS Blunt icon ??? Fire icon ???
VS Thrust icon ??? Slow Poison RES icon ???
Blood DEF icon ??? Rapid Poison RES icon ???
Arcane (DEF) icon ???


A combatant of the long lost Pthumerian race, kept alive by the eldritch magic of the Great Ones.

These enemies appear to be warriors of ages past, and their weaponry seems to imply knowledge of medieval style combat. They wear scaled armor and tattered clothes.

There are a couple of variants of this enemy:

  • Greatsword
  • Crossbow and Sword
  • Straight Sword and Shield
  • Flail




Crossbow and Sword

Straight Sword and Shield



  • They can appear as regular mobs, or to defend the Chalice Dungeon lever to the boss.
  • They are amongst of the harder enemies to kill in combat within the Chalice Dungeons.
  • They can heal themselves to full HP by injecting something similar to Full Moon Grass in Demon's Soul.


  • The greatsword, straight sword, and shield that are used by these warriors, appear to be the ones that are often found in breakeable corpse piles throughout the labyrinths. It is also hinted that shields are ineffective against the Beasts as they are fast and capable of out flank a warrior, therefore these beings likely are meant to fight humans who would disturb and explore the Labyrinths.
  • The crossbows that they wield, do not actually shoot bolts, but rather balls of iron, like a small cannon.
  • They are in a way, the closest to a Dark Souls-type enemy that Bloodborne has to offer.
    • Coincidentally they do resemble an enemy from Dark Souls 2, the Grave Warden. Their similarities include:
      • The use of a bandaged hood that covers their face completely.
      • The use of scale armor with blue hues.
      • Their pale skin color.


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