Madman Set
Madman Set
Attire Type
Attire Set
Physical DEF icon 170 Bolt icon 280
VS Blunt icon 190
VS Thrust icon 230 Slow Poison RES icon 139
Blood DEF icon 210 Rapid Poison RES icon 125
Arcane (DEF) icon 310 Frenzy RES icon 8
Fire icon 260 Beasthood icon 70
Insight Bath Messenger

(must kill Forgotten Madman)

The Madman Set is a set of Attire in Bloodborne.


Set Pieces


  • Mediocre Physical Defenses
  • Mediocre Blood Defense
  • High Elemental Defenses
  • Very High Slow/Rapid Poison Resistances
  • Terrible Frenzy Resistance
  • Moderately low Beasthood


  • A set with high overall Elemental Defenses, and Poison Resistances, but with bad Physical Defenses.


  • The Madman Garb is the most bizarre part of this set, not only are there strange bluish tentacles or perhaps parasites around the garb, there is also a noose and two glass flasks hanging from the neck.
  • Upon closer inspection, the noose is somewhat glitched as the rope that dangles usually pops out from the knot itself.
  • The Madman Set is worn by the Tomb Prospectors who went mad. This is why the Forgotten Madman attacks the player with Healing Church weaponry.
  • The Madman Leggings are worn by the Afflicted Beggar. This implies that he was a Tomb Prospector and therefore a member of the Healing Church. He also dons the Harrowed Hood which further proves the point.

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