Maneater Boar
Affiliation VS Beasts Button Beasts
Locations Chalice Dungeons
Drops Radiant Blood Gemstone (2) [100%]
2646 ???
Blood Echoes
1240 ???
Physical DEF icon ??? Bolt icon ???
VS Blunt icon ??? Fire icon ???
VS Thrust icon ??? Slow Poison RES icon ???
Blood DEF icon ??? Rapid Poison RES icon ???
Arcane (DEF) icon ???
For the enemy version, see Maneater Boar (Enemy).

The Maneater Boar is a Chalice Dungeon boss in Bloodborne.


The Maneater Boar is identical to the enemy versions found throughout the game so the same tactics will work against it. Whilst its attacks are quite powerful, they are very easy to predict and can be avoided by staying behind the boss. Visceral Attacks inflict a lot of damage but can be tricky to pull off due to the Boar's aggression, Pungent Blood Cocktails can be used to distract it long enough to use an attack.

The Boss is very vulnerable to fire damage and weapons buffed with flame effects will defeat it relatively quickly. Oil Urns and Molotov Cocktails can also be very effective.


The Maneater Boar is possibly a nod to Marcus (Aka Epicnamebro) as it is a representation of the popular Youtuber and Souls aficionado's mascot "Shampoo".


Bloodborne Man-eater Boar Optional Boss Fight 400:44

Bloodborne Man-eater Boar Optional Boss Fight 4


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