Maria Hunter Set
Maria Hunter Set
Attire Type
Attire Set
Physical DEF icon 220 Bolt icon 230
VS Blunt icon 210
VS Thrust icon 230 Slow Poison RES icon 47
Blood DEF icon 370 Rapid Poison RES icon 125
Arcane (DEF) icon 200 Frenzy RES icon 72
Fire icon 200 Beasthood icon 37
Insight Bath Messenger

(must kill Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower)

The Maria Hunter Set is a set of Attire in Bloodborne's The Old Hunters DLC.


Set Pieces


  • Mediocre Physical Defenses
  • Extremely High Blood Defense
  • Mediocre Elemental Defenses
  • Low Poison Resistance
  • High Rapid Poison Resistance
  • Moderate Frenzy Resistance
  • Low Beasthood


  • The most expensive Attire, Insight wise.
  • This set has the highest Blood Defense value of the game, as well as great Rapid Poison Resistance, making it a good candidate against enemies that deal high values of pure Bloodtinge damage.


  • The Maria Hunter Set has many interesting quirks and details. Firstly, as is mentioned in the description, it was crafted in Cainhurst, which is immediately verifiable from its very design, since it resembles the Knight Set, but modified for the purpose hunting of beasts in Yharnam. The Maria Hunter Set, like the Knight Set, has the same following motifs:
    • It has golden embroidery along the edges of the garb.
    • It has a pure white cravat (the frilly scarf that is worn like a tie), with a large gemstone broche.
    • it wears a cape on the left side of the wearer, with chains that hold it in place.
    • it has frills on the openings of the sleeves (only seen without gloves over it).
    • the trousers are nearly identical to those that are worn on the male version of the Knight Set.
    • her cap dons feathers on the top, just like the female version of the Knight's Wig.
  • Like most Old Hunter Attire, the Maria Hunter Garb has a red interior.
  • Her large brooch depicts a brightly green-colored "Lumenflower", her favorite flower. Coincidentally, the Doll Set also has a Lumenflower depicted, albeit much grayish. It even has the same number of petals and is worn over a cravat. It truly shows Gehrman's dedication and attention to detail, as well as his devotion for Lady Maria. He truly wished to honor her memory by giving the Doll clothing that was surrounded by Maria's favorite symbol.

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