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  • Holy hell mate! Many thanks for adding all these pics! :D

    Keep them coming if you have them. Also, there's no problem in adding Cursed Gems as well. I'll organize it all later. ;)

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  • Hey there Tre, listen you've been doing a hell of a job lately, and trust me if you hadn't done it, I would've because some months ago, and even a few weeks ago, I took lots and lots, and absolute LOTS of pictures about EVERYTHING in the game. Trouble is I was lazy and also had some work to be done IRL at the time, so I just postponed it.

    With that said, are there any places with galleries that you've missed or are planning to fill later on? I ask this so I can put some of those on the wiki while you focus on other stuff, that way we divide some of the work for it. 

    You must be working like harder than a dog, and I just wanna say I'm here to help if you need me. :P 

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    • Hiello, Krimzon! Add what you want.  I will sometimes add their own. I have a lot of screenshots , most of which I posted on the Russian wiki. Also you take any of my pictures from there. Look in my profile link on the gems, it can be useful. 

      I don't work so hard because the last time I played bloodborne a year ago. =) Now I spend one hour to several days in the pleasure of working with old screenshots. I added pictures to the wiki chaotic, without a system.

      Okay. Sorry for my English.

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    • Your english is more than fine my friend. :p

      Shame you couldn't implement a system for your pictures, naming them or giving them tags for people to search, and it's a shame because your screenshots are some fine work. However, I can kind get it since you have a truckload of them xD

      I will be adding pictures of mostly the locations and vistas of Bloodborne. I spent an entire playthrough just snapshotting the entire environment as I went along in Bloodborne and I have also delved into the Chalice Dungeons with that same build so I have some pictures of the environment there, as well as some enemies and the Co-operators you can summon for the battles.

      Do svidanya my friend, and if you need to something don't hesitate to ask. :D

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    • Hi!

      Thank you.

      I have not screenshots of the co-operators. I have already posted most screenshots of locations here. But I have pictures of the architecture (only details), the enemies and some characters. Gradually I will add them. Unfortunately, I developed a system of screenshots rather late. Therefore, many images do not have the original names.

      I use a translator to check my english text =)

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    • Cool, btw if you have been taking pictures of architecture, I'll let you know that I have just today created a page called: "Statues"

      It's a part of a new thing me and Luna have are making which is called "Environmental Elements".

      Essentially, these are elements that are interesting and always present in Bloodborne. Like the Incense, the Lumenflowers, the Statues are one of the more interesting ones (since there are so many and they reflect alot of the environment), but I will also be adding another two pages, one for the much mysterious "Gravestones" that exist in Bloodborne (since there is a certain amount of relevance to the overall lore), and perhaps one for the "Caskets" as well (I'm not so sure yet about this one).

      I'm letting you know this so that if you have any random images of these elements, then go right ahead and place them in whichever way you feel is right as I will later on organize it, since I have a knack for organizing stuff on the wiki. :p

      Btw, I forgot to tell you something. Sometime ago I got my hands on 3 things for free:

      The Bloodborne Official Artworks, and both Bloodborne Official Guides, the vanilla, and the one for the dlc that also corrects some stuff.

      Go to my profile and hit up "Blog", you'll get a link to a google drive with pastes with everything there. Both in JPGs and in PDF. ;)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • You really are working like a true madman. :D

    Thank you so much for expanding the galleries of all these pages, if you need any help with something, feel free to ask. ;)

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  • Hello, can you tell me the name of the DLC's creature (or boss) that resembles an Executioner but with tentacles that come out from its helm?

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  • Wonderful pics, thank you ;o)

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