Messenger Urn Festival

The Messenger Urn Festival is a key item in Bloodborne.


Accessory worn by messengers playing make-believe.

In-Game Description

Accessory adorned by naive messengers.
The messengers wear the urns, filled with incense that wards off beasts, on their heads upside-down, suggesting a predilection to the dark.
The inhabitants of the stump appear to have an interest in adornment. Why not let them be happy, and revel as babes?


It can be obtained in the upper area of Oedon Chapel.

After defeating the Blood-starved Beast, a door in Oedon Chapel will be unlocked, leading to an elevator that allows access to the Healing Church Workshop. Go onto the elevator and face the opposite direction. There is a hidden path that leads to the upper mezzanine of the Cathedral Ward. To the left of the chest containing the Formless Oedon rune, the Urn Festival hat can be found.

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