Milkweed is an Oath Memory Caryll Rune found in Bloodborne's The Old Hunters dlc.


In-Game Description

A Caryll Rune envisioned by Adeline, patient of the research hall.
A transcription of the inhuman, sticky whispers that reveal the nature of a celestial attendant.
Those who take this oath become a lumenwood that peers toward the sky, feeding phantasms in its luscious bed. Phantasms guide us, and lead to further discoveries.


  • Acquired by completing Adeline's questline.


"Milkweed" rune. Become a lumenwood to host phantasms.

  • +10 Increase in Item Discovery.
  • Players receive reduced fall damage while rune is equipped.
  • Unlocks true form of Kos Parasite and gives the player a bizarre movement animation, as if the body has no life and is being animated by the lumenwood like a mindless puppet.
  • Equipping Hand and Head pieces of Attire will not be shown in the player model.
  • Forearms and hands become a bluish white with slime-like tendrils, while the head becomes a spot for the lumenwood that resembles a tree or flower of the same color that glows slightly in the dark.


  • One of the only two Oath Memory Runes that serve for players to transform their bodies, and change the moveset of a weapon. The only other existing one is Beast's Embrace.
  • This is one of two Runes that have been said to be discovered by someone other than Caryll. The other being Guidance.


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