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Oedon Chapel is a location in Bloodborne. It is located at the Cathedral Ward lamp.


A small chapel turned into a refuge via liberal use of the beast-repelling incense. Managed by the Oedon Chapel Dweller.

Survivors can be redirected here for shelter.

Possible NPC's


  • To send Narrow Minded Man here, the player have to tell him to take shelter in Iosefka's Clinic instead.
  • If the player fight Afflicted Beggar here , he can not go inside after his transformation into an Abhorrent Beast.
  • There is a lesser Amygdala staying on top of the chapel. Possibly because it is attracted by the prayers of the survivors reside within the chapel.


  • The Afflicted Beggar can not stay inside for long because the incense wards off the beasts. However, he can trick or lure people outside.


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