Old Hunter Badge

The Old Hunter Badge is a key item in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

This hunter's badge, crafted in Gehrman's time, has no practical purpose, except perhaps to assist in romanticising about the past.
The badge was a special privilege for the hunters of the past, and should not be dishonoured.
It should be left in peace, unless one is truly prepared to assume the will of those gone before.



The following items can be purchased from the Bath Messengers:


  • Unlocks the set worn by Gehrman when he sits on his wheelchair and his weapon when players fight him.
  • Can be attained without starting a new playthrough if players consumed three Third Umbilical Cords.


  • It would seem this badge was merely a form of showing respect between the Old Hunters. It served no purpose save as a badge of honor amongst their kind.
  • It adds a slow clapping Messenger, with his head tilted backwards, behind the original Messenger of the Bath Messenger.

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