Old Hunter NPCs are friendly NPC that can be summoned with the Old Hunter Bell at the cost of 1 Insight.

  • They will aid The Hunter during play through or bossfight.
  • They will occasionally heal themselves with Blood Vial during battle and help distract the bosses.
  • If they are defeated, they can still be beckoned again.
  • Some Old Hunters will become unavailable as the game progress.
  • On rare occasion, they will aid players in PvP and can be very powerful allies.
  • Some Old Hunters will only become available if you join their confederation or interact with them first.
  • Note that most of the old hunters don't sprint, the only exception is Tomb Prospector Gremia.
  • Player can beckon more than one Old Hunter at a time.


These hunters are our preceders. They are from various affliation.

The Silencing Blank states that it sends them back to their world. Perharps not all of these hunters are in the same world with The Hunter. They cross the gaps between parallel worlds just like The Hunter do to help other hunters.

Old Hunter Mensis Scholar Damian

Bloodborne Damian Menses Scholar's Misadventures06:33

Bloodborne Damian Menses Scholar's Misadventures

Old Hunter/Vile Blood Hunter Alfred

  • Availability: after talking to him at Cathedral Ward, he can be summoned to fight Blood-starved Beast. He will become unavailable after the player finish his questline, ending his life.
  • Affiliation: band of excutioners, Healing Church.

Old Hunter Father Gascoigne


Confederate Valtr, Beast Eater

Valtr bloodborne

Confederate Younger Madaras twin


Old Hunter Henryk

Bloodborne™ 20150507132854

Old Hunter detector Antal

Detector antal

Old Hunter Madman Wallar


Old Hunter Tomb Prospector Olek


Old Hunter Queen Killer

Queen killer
  • Availability: Can be summoned within the Chalice Dungeons.
  • Affiliation: band of excutioners, Healing Church.
  • Equipment: Logarius' Wheel, Cannon
  • Attire: half naked, Gold Ardeo
  • Trivia: Once an executioner, and much like Alfred, he slew a queen and gained the name. Little do we know why he is running around half naked in a cursed catacomb filled with dread and horror. He wields a cannon, this might suggest that unlike Alfred he anticipated much larger prey. Maybe, he was deployed to encounter Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen so that the scholar of Mensis might have the chance to have audience with Mergo.

Old Hunter Beastclaw Jozef

Beast claw josef
  • Availability: Can be summoned within the Chalice Dungeons. Notably Ailing Loran.
  • Affiliation: unknown.
  • Equipment: Beast Claw
  • Attire: Charred Hunter Set
  • Trivia: Loran is filled with beasts. Beasts have a phobia towards fire. His attire is charred and he wields Beast Claw which begs the question if he in-fact is one of the beast.

Old Hunter Tomb Prospecter Gremia


Old Hunter Henriet


Old Hunter Vitus

  • Availability: Can be summoned within the Chalice Dungeons, notably Ailing Loran.
  • Affiliation: unknown.
  • Equipment: Beast Cutter, Hunter Pistol
  • Attire: Old Hunter Set
  • Trivia: His name does not reveal which affiliation he works for. Maybe he is a tomb prospector who works only for himself. It is unknown why he wanders the Ailing Loran dungeons.

Confederate Yamamura the Wanderer


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