Powder Keg Hunter Badge

The Powder Keg Hunter Badge is a key item in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

Badge crafted by the Powder Kegs, the heretics of the Workshop.
The Powder Kegs adoration of complex design and big booms culminated in weapon designs that contrast with those traditionally of the Workshop.
The late Powder Kegs, bless their souls, had a motto: "If a weapon ain't got kick, it just ain't worth it."



The following items can be purchased from the Bath Messengers:


  • It is recommended to befriend Djura as this will allow players to also receive his gesture.


  • It appears to be a miniature flask with black powder inside. Adequate, since they seem to favour everything related to fire and explosiveness.
  • It adds a clapping Messenger, right behind the original Messenger of the Bath Messenger, but slightly to the left side, near the green bottle Messenger.

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