The Pthumeru Chalice is a Chalice item in Bloodborne.

This Chalice is obtained after defeating the Blood-starved Beast in Old Yharnam.


In-Game Description

Ritual chalice found in the Church of the Good Chalice.
Use in a ritual at the tomb altar in the Hunter's Dream to break the seal of the old underground labyrinth.
Let the chalice reveal the tomb of the gods; let blood be the hunter's nourishment.

...And let ye partake in communion...


The Pthumeru Chalice can be used at a Ritual Altar to create the following Chalice Dungeon:

General Chalice Info
Chalice Depth Icon Depth 1
Chalice Area Icon Area Pthumeru
Chalice Ritual Info

Basic Materials

Blood Echoes 1000
Ritual Blood 1 Icon Ritual Blood (1) 2

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