Dropped by the second Giant Fishmen at the bottom of the well in Fishing Hamlet
Off physical atk Button 82/164
Off blood atk Button -
Off arcane atk Button -
Off fire atk Button -
Off bolt atk Button - Attr. Bonus
QS Bullet Use - Strength icon 2 Skill icon 2 Bloodtinge icon 2 Arcane icon 2
Durability icon 200 - C/A - D/C
Special Att. Attr. Req.
Slow poison ATK Button Rapid poison Button VS Kin Button VS Beasts Button Strength icon 2 Skill icon 2 Bloodtinge icon 2 Arcane icon 2
- - 100 100 10 20 - -
Weapon Info
Weapon Type Right Hand Weapons
Transform Twinblade, Saber and Dagger
Imprints -
Rakuyo is a Trick Weapon in The Old Hunters DLC.


In-Game Description

Hunter weapon wielded by Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower.
A trick sword originated in the same country as the Cainhurst Chikage, only this sword feeds not off blood, but instead demands great dexterity.
Lady Maria was fond of this aspect of the Rakuyo, as she frowned upon blood blades, despite being a distant relative of the queen.
One day she abandoned her beloved Rakuyo, casting it into a dark well, when she could stomach it no longer.


  • Fishing Hamlet, inside the well in the first open area. It is dropped by the second Giant Fishmen that hangs on the ceiling. He joins the fight when the first one reaches half health.
  • The Lost and Uncanny versions become available after acquiring the regular Rakuyo. They can be purchased at any Bath Messengers within the Chalice Dungeons.


The Rakuyo is a very interesting and unique weapon. It is a pure Skill weapon, with an eventual "A" scaling when fully upgraded, has a terrific moveset and though it can be compared in more than one way to the Blade of Mercy, it is far more versatile as it can even be given an element, or buffed (however the Blade of Mercy is far better at stunlocking Hunters or any humanoid enemy).

The first mode is a Twinbladed weapon with an R1 combo comprised of slash and thrust attacks one after the other, and the charged strong attack is an extremely fast thrust that covers a lot of ground.

The second mode separates the weapon and it becomes a dagger and katana that have no charged attacks, R1s are purely combo slashes (a slash with each blade, followed by a slash with both at the same time) and R2 are purely combo thrusts. The L2 is what makes this weapon varied, by itself it can be pressed up to twice to cause the wielder to unleash of flurry of spinning slashes, it costs a lot of stamina but can be helpful when surrounded and deals good damage.

However, the L2 attacks change depending on whether you either didn't combo with any previous attack, or if you comboed with an R1 or R2. With R1, the player will deliver a slower, yet powerful slash with both hands into a single direction; with R2, the player will strike quickly with both blades in a single thrust.

All of these characteristics make the Rakuyo a very deadly PVP oriented weapon, due to its variety of moveset and very fluid movement.

Additionally, it must be stated that since the Rakuyo has a purely Thrust combo with the R2, it makes it a very good weapon for fighting Kin type enemies, especially when it is taken into consideration the fact that this weapon can be buffed.


  • It has the highest requirement and scaling with Skill.
  • It is a very combo heavy weapon with multiple ways to perform them in a very fluid manner.
  • Has combinations of pure slices or pure thrusts, making it ideal to deal with regular enemies and having a specific way to deal with Kin. High Endurance recommended.
  • Can be buffed.


  • It is implied that the Rakuyo wielded by the player is the true and original Rakuyo.
  • When switching between different modes, the Rakuyo strangely emits a scarlet glow and sparks. It is unlike any other weapon, as most will just emit a yellow color. This could suggest perhaps that this is a leftover animation from the blood version of the Rakuyo that Maria wields.
  • The name Rakuyo appears to translate "Fallen Leaves" in Japanese. It is possible that its name either refers to how it would cut down opponents easily, or, most likely, the fact that it was cast down into a well. Perhaps for even both.
  • When The Old Hunters dlc was announced, Maria was shown in the cover holding the Rakuyo, however only the Rakuyo's katana-half is shown, and it is sheathed in a scabbard that resembles the one belonging to the Chikage (though lacking the red cloth). No such scabbard seems to exist for the Rakuyo in-game however.


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