Rapid Poison is a Status Effect in Bloodborne.

Rapid poison Button


Rapid Poison is quite a misleading status effect, most players would, from common sense (and especially if they played other "Souls" games before), expect it to be simply a stronger version of Slow Poison. This however, is not the case.

The way it works is quite simple, once Rapid Poison is triggered, the player instantly loses a set percentage of health. This can lead to instantaneous death if the health is low enough.

The HP loss is equal across all sources of Rapid Poison, with exception to the ones that are inflicted by the NPC Hunters. Below is the equation how it works:

  • Normal Rapid Poison- 250pt+3%
  • Hunter Rapid Poison- 100pt+10%

pt=flat points of damage | %=percentage in reference to a player's total health 

Sources of Rapid Poison




Resisting Rapid Poison

The following will aid in resisting Rapid Poison:


  • For the most players who wish to resist any kind of Poison (Rapid or Slow), should wear Attire that belongs to the Healing Church.
  • There are two types of poison, Rapid, and Slow Poison. In-game, they can be told apart by their colour. Rapid Poison is red, Slow Poison is purple.
  • The Chikage is the only weapon in game to deal innate Rapid Poison damage. The only other mean of dealing Rapid Poison is to equip Murky Blood Gems that boost Rapid Poison on weapons.


  • Since it is called Rapid Poison, one would expect it to be like the "Toxic" status effect from Dark Souls, simply a stronger version of regular "Poison". However, Rapid Poison is essentially the "Bleed" status effect instead.

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