Research Hall
Status Unmarked
Connected Areas
After Leads To
Underground Corpse Pile Surgery Altar
Discovery Insight ???

The Research Hall is a location in Bloodborne's The Old Hunters dlc.


The hidden research facility of the Healing Church, dedicated to the knowledge and methods of attaining the transcendence of humanity through the creation of Kin, more specifically a Celestial Emissary.


Ground Floor

The ground floor is composed mostly of the Lamp, the poisonous pit in the center of the rotating staircase contraption, the door to the Balcony, and the shortcut to other floors via the elevator in Adeline's room.

Patient Room Floor 1

Patient Room Floor 2

Patient Room Floor 3

Patient Room Floor 4

Patient Room Floor 5

This floor is important as the very first door will have the elevator shortcut that connects to the ground floor. It is also quite intriguing as it has some weirder Clocktower Patients, the Headless and Head-only variants, as well as Wheelchair Huntsman with a Gatling Gun. It is the floor where players can acquire the Enlarged Head, on the opposite side of the elevator shortcut, inside the room with Head-only patients.


Lamps in the Area




NPC Hunters




  • There are several acid traps in the area which can easily one-shot low vitality hunters.


  • There is a wolf figure under the bed in the altar which resembles the wolf figure under the bed the hunter see in the opening cinematic. This suggests not only The Hunter but many people experience the "mere bad dream" during blood transfution. But, no Messengers statue can be found in the Research Hall, which suggests they don't appear to many and only those who the Messengers choose would become Hunters of the dream." Ah! You found yourself a Hunter"- The Doll.


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