Ring of Betrothal

The Ring of Betrothal is a Key Item in Bloodborne.

In-Game Description

The inhuman beings known as the Great Ones imbued this Ring of Betrothal with some special meaning.
In the age of the Great Ones, wedlock was a blood contract, only permitted to those slated to bear a special child.


  • rare reward in the Depth 5 Root Chalice Dungeons
    • Cursed Pthumerian Ihyll glyph- 89iyctf :
      1. exit the starting lamp room;
      2. go through the first gate on the right and climb the ladder;
      3. find the room with Eye Collector and Mad Ones and sprint past them, down the stairs;
      4. deal with the Rabid Dog;
      5. turn left to the circular room with the Merciless Watcher and Kidnapper, the chest with the item is inside it.


You may use this ring to propose marriage to Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods. However, she "kindly" and respectfully rejects your proposal.


  • It is functionally useless, it merely allows a few lines of dialogue, and a bit of knowledge.


  • It would seem that this item offers an interesting insight on marriage, pregnancy and their relation with the Great Ones.
  • It looks richly decorate with golden metal and what appears to be a diamond. It is, however, bloody. Which makes sense from the description, as marriage was considered a blood contract.

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