Ritual Altar

A Ritual Altar is an object in Bloodborne. Ritual Altars are found at the seven tombstones that line the path leading up to the rear of the Workshop in the Hunter's Dream. Conducting a Chalice Ritual at a Ritual Altar will create a Chalice Dungeon.

In-Game Description

Offer items to a Holy Chalice and conduct a ritual to unseal a Chalice Dungeon. If you remove the chalice from an altar you have used, you may conduct further rituals at the same altar to unseal new Chalice Dungeons.

The names of each Ritual Altar are as follows:

Makeshift Altar
First Ritual Altar
Second Ritual Altar
Third Ritual Altar
Fourth Ritual Altar
Fifth Ritual Altar
Final Ritual Altar

Even though they appear to have a numerical order, any Chalice can be used at any Ritual Altar at any time, so long as another Chalice hasn't already been placed. When a Chalice is placed at a Ritual Altar, the tombstone will glow. As long as the tombstone is dark, a Chalice Ritual may be conducted.

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