A Rope Delayed Molotov is a consumable item added in the The Old Hunters DLC.

Rope Delayed Molotov


In-Game Description

A special hunter tool crafted in the old Oto Workshop. These molotovs wedge into the ground when thrown, and explode on a timed delay.
A shame that such a complex gadget must be sacrificed with each use of this inefficient hunter tool. Nevertheless, delayed molotovs are cherished by the minority of hunters who prefer the tricksier kill. This creation is one of the earliest-known roots of the Powder Kegs.



Rope Delayed Molotovs are thrown behind the players and wedge into the ground. After a timed delay, the delayed molotov detonates for about the same amount of damage as a regular molotov.


  • The explosion does not hurt the player.
  • Delayed molotovs generally cost more then a regular molotov cocktail.
  • It is generally accepted that this version is superior to the regular version of the Delayed Molotov.

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