Saint Adeline
Saint adeline
Appears In The Old Hunters
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation Healing Church
Health -
Level -
Status Alive
Location Research Hall
Voiced By Lotte Rice

Saint Adeline is a character in The Old Hunters DLC.


Saint Adeline is a patient of the Research Hall, who mistakenly believes that the player is Lady Maria.

She is bound to her chair by leather straps with what seems to be a Blood Vial sticking out of her arm.


  • Research Hall, enter the room with 3 elevators & 3 enemies in wheelchairs on the 2nd(or maybe 3rd) floor & take the elevator on the right as you enter.


When spoken to she will request Brain Fluid.

  • the player can receive Blood of Adeline from her after giving her one Brain Fluid.
  • she gives the player the Balcony Key when given a second Brain Fluid.
  • Milkweed Rune is attained after giving her the third and final Brain Fluid.



  • She drops the Balcony Key if killed. But killing her stops her questline, as such it is not reccomended to do so.


  • She addresses the player as Lady Maria when first spoken to, but quickly realizes it isn't her.

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