Simple Gratia
Gratia №1
Appears In The Old Hunters
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation Yharnamites
Health -
Level -
Status Deceased
Location Underground Cell
Voiced By -

Simple Gratia is a minor character mentioned in Bloodborne


Simple Gratia was a hunter of the Healing Church. She dons the Yharnam Hunter Set.

By the time The Hunter found her in a cell after the Underground Corpse Pile, she was long dead.

The Fist of Gratia can be looted from her body.



The hulking hunter woman Simple Gratia, ever hopeless when handling hunter firearms, preferred to simply punch the beasts with a hunk of iron, staggering them accordingly. Gratia was a fearsome hunter, and to onlookers, her unrelenting pummelling appeared oddly heroic.

Despite being a heroic figure, Simple Gratia, like any other hunters before and after her became blood-drunk and trapped in the Hunter's Nightmare.

Like Vicar Amelia prior to her transformation, Simple Gratia is found praying.



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