Status Afflictions are negative conditions that affect the Hunter in Bloodborne. Items, abilities, and weapons are able to cause status afflictions.


In-Game Description

Your character can be affected by the following status afflictions. While transformed into a beast, a fuller Resistance Gauge boosts the effect of transformation.
Slow poisoning: Slowly erodes HP.
Rapid poisoning: Rapidly erodes HP.
Frenzy: Causes massive damage to HP.

Transformed: A longer gauge strengthens attacks but also reduces defense.

Slow Poisoning

Slow poisoning will slowly decrease the Hunter's HP for 30 seconds. It can be cured by using an Antidote.

Rapid Poisoning

Rapid poisoning acts more quickly and is more powerful than slow poisoning. It can be cured by using an Antidote.


Frenzy is caused by the fell power of beings like the Winter Lanterns and, like some sort of madness, its effect are worse the more Insight the Hunter has; like a virus, this status will continually build up until a set point even if the Hunter was hit only once, and then it will activate causing massive damage. It can be cured by using a Sedative.


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