Sullied Bandage
Sullied Bandage
Attire Type
Arms Attire
Physical DEF icon 30 Bolt icon 40
VS Blunt icon 40
VS Thrust icon 30 Slow Poison RES icon 14
Blood DEF icon 30 Rapid Poison RES icon 10
Arcane (DEF) icon 40 Frenzy RES icon 14
Fire icon 40 Beasthood icon 8
Starting equipment.

The Sullied Bandage is arms attire in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

Bandage worn upon awakening to the nightmare of blood and beasts. Terribly worn and unsanitary.
A faint memory recalls blood ministration, involving the transfusion of unknown blood.
Not long after, the nightmare began.


  • The Sullied Bandage is a part of the default attire worn by the Hunter after waking up in Yharnam.



  • The Sullied Bandage still has the I.V. needle, from the player's blood transfusion, stuck in it.

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