The One Reborn
The one
Affiliation Great Ones
Locations Yahar'gul, Unseen Village
Drops Yellow Backbone x3
10375 19537
Blood Echoes
36300 139161
Physical DEF icon
Bolt icon
VS Blunt icon
Fire icon
VS Thrust icon
Slow Poison RES icon
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Arcane (DEF) icon

The One Reborn is a Boss in Bloodborne.


Born from an unholy Pthumerian ritual which used the bodies of Yharnam's populace, The One Reborn is an amalgamate of grotesque misshapen body parts assembled to form one massive unliving creature. It has a singular giant humanoid torso attached to the entire mass which controls its entire being.

It has an inherent weakness to Fire and Bolt damage, but is strong against Arcane.


The One Reborn seems to be the final result of the experiments made in Yahar'gul, Unseen Village with the intention of ascending humankind to the status of the Great Ones.



  • Defector Antal- wields a Church Pick and can be summoned  in front of the last carriage before the boss arena
  • Yamamura- wields a Chikage and can be summoned if he has been killed in the DLC and the summoner has the Impurity Rune equipped without having killed Valtr


The One Reborn's arena is another large chapel-like building with two elevated areas on the side. The elevated areas also have pillars running almost the full length of the arena stopping at two enclosed spiral staircases on the far end. Ascending either of these two stairwells will take you to an upper level where the Bell-ringing Women are. There are six Maidens in total and they will use Arcane projectile attacks. The two sides of the upper level are connected with a bridge with two enclosed spaces in them.

The One Reborn's attacks are quite varied although they do have some very long windups. The physical attacks used by the One Reborn include: a swiping attack (moderate damage), where it will lift up its larger arms and swipe across; a flailing attack (moderate damage), where it will start rocking back and forth and stamping with all its legs; and a head butt (moderate damage), which it might use if you are on the second level. It will also lift up its body and start spewing a stream of acid onto the ground.

The Arcane attacks it uses are all projectile attacks, the first being shown by the humanoid figure on top of it reaching forward with a glowing finger or by a large red ball appearing over its head, this is a projectile of body parts (slight damage). The next attack will cause body parts to rain down from red balls that appear overhead (slight damage) and this attack will track. The last attack the One Reborn does is an A.O.E. attack (heavy damage) where the area around it will start to glow red and it will shriek to actually deal the damage.

  • Any weapon equipped with Fire Paper or Bolt Paper will work well
  • A Flamesprayer can be helpful to deal more damage and allow time for the stamina bar to refill if the boss has been brought down.
  • When the One Reborn starts spewing acid move up the stairs to avoid being hit.
  • The bell maidens will buff the boss and fire projectiles at the player. Find the staircases in the corners of plaza and kill the bell-ringing women on both sides of the upper level. Attack them from the side to avoid pushing them off the upper level. Be wary of the headbutt attack and the projectiles.
  • A plunging attack from the upper-level can deal a lot of damage.
  • A visceral attack is possible if you bring the boss down. The humanoid on top is where to attack for that.
  • The boss has three lock-on points.
  • Avoid the projectiles by dodging back when a red light appears above.
  • One strategy is to attack him on the side. The boss will inflict a low amount of damage with his legs, using kicks and stomps, but Rally can make up for this.
  • Hiding behind pillars or in the staircase can give you time to heal up.



  • The arena of this boss and the placement of the Bell-ringing Women is an almost exact copy of the Tower Knight and the archers in Demon's Souls. Tower Knight's weak spot is his legs while this boss is entirely constructed from leg parts, pun most likely intended.
  • The way he appears in the combat area, falling through a portal created from the Pale Blood Moon, resembles the process of being born.
  • Bosses made of corpses also appear in the Souls series; Gravelord Nito in Dark Souls, The Rotten in Dark Souls 2 and High Lord Wolnir in Dark Souls 3.
  • Just hanging around in the stairwells is a sure way to avoid its attacks as they won't hit you. Here you can heal safely and even change weapons.


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Bloodborne Boss One Reborn - Easy Low Lvl Strategy

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Bloodborne The One Reborn Boss Fight

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Nobuyoshi Suzuki - The One Reborn (Extended) (Bloodborne Full Extended Soundtrack, OST)04:45

Nobuyoshi Suzuki - The One Reborn (Extended) (Bloodborne Full Extended Soundtrack, OST)


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