Trophies are awarded when completing certain requirements in Bloodborne.

Bloodborne Trophies


  • Bloodborne- "All trophies acquired. Hats off!"


  • Yharnam Sunrise- "You lived through the hunt, and saw another day."
  • Honoring Wishes- "Captivated by the Moon Presence, you pledge to watch over the Hunter's Dream."
  • Childhood's Beggining- "You became an infant Great One, lifting humanity into its next childhood."
  • Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen- "Defeat Yharnam, Blood Queen of the Old Labyrinth."
  • Hunter's Essence- "Acquire all hunter weapons."
  • Hunter's Craft- "Acquire all special hunter tools."



Bloodborne: The Old Hunters Trophies


  • Old Hunter's Essence- "Acquire all old hunter weapons."





  • The hardest achievement to get in game is likely the gold trophy of the main game, "Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen". This stems from the fact that, to get it, players must go through the entirety of the Pthumerian type Chalices, most notably the Cursed and Defiled Chalice, known for its incredibly difficult boss fights. In short, it's not the boss fight with Yharnam herself that is hard, the real challenge is the extent one must go to even get to the fight.

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