Underground Cell Inner Chamber Key-0

The Underground Inner Cell Chamber Key is a Key Item in Bloodborne's The Old Hunters dlc.


In-Game Description

Key to the inner chamber of the cell below the Grand Cathedral.
The innermost chamber of the underground cell holds a lone madman. He wears a beast hide, and rings a bell that emits no sound.
Unending death awaits those who can hear the soundless bell.



Opens the door to Brador's cell in the Dungeon, past the Underground Corpse Pile.


  • Can be found on the floor if players killed Simon, or can be given to the player by him upon his dying breath.
  • One of the two keys that unlocks cells in the dungeon, the other is the Underground Cell Key.


  • The statement in the description of this Key, "Unending death awaits those who can hear the soundless bell.", is a reference to what Brador says upon killing the player: "Unending death awaits those who pry into the unknown."

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