After they got Amelia in bed, Jack stayed with her to keep watch over her. James went into the living room and layed on the couch with Elizabeth, and Harold went out for a drink. He arrived at the bar and ordered vodka, his favorite. After three bottles of the stuff, the bartender wouldn't let him hav more so he went home. When he go there, he called, "Henriett?" No answer came. This had happened before, so Harold always kept his Burial Blade by the front door. He grabbed it, saying, "Don't want another Ripper suprise." He went upstairs and realized that the light was on in the bedroom. He opened the door saying, "Henriett? Is that you?" What he saw was Lydia laying under the covers seductively. He could tell she was naked. She said, "Why do you want to see Henriett Harold? Am I not enough?" Harold ran over to her and cried, "You are! I'm so sorry Lydia. I'm so sorry I betrayed you." Lydia looked at him, then said, "Kiss me Harold. Prove you still love me." Harold leaned in to kiss her, then felt a stab. He looked back and saw that Sarina had injected him with something. As he faded away, he whispered, "Lydia?" In his last awake moment, he saw Lydia shift and contort until Legion was standing in her place.

"James, have you seen Harold?" Jack asked. James didn't hear him through the veil of sleep, so Jack repeated himself, "James! Have you seen Harold!" James started, then fell off the couch, taking the blanket with him, exposing Elizabeth with no shirt. Jack immediatly covered his eyes and Elizabeth grabbed the blanket and covered herself again. James got up and said, "Nope. Might want to check his house though." Jack and James set out to Harold's house, only to find it empty. They were about to leave when James saw a note. It read, "The Lancer is ours. Don't look for him, lest he dies in agony." James said, "Well, I guess we should go get him." Jack replied, "He'll owe me twice now." James looked at him and said, "Okay. I'll go back to look after Amelia."

Harold woke up and looked around, he was in a dark room, and he was alone. Then the door opened, and Sarina and Legion came into the room. Sarina said, "Now Harold dearie, we have an arrangement here. You tell us the information we want, or you'll wish you could die. " Harold said, "Bitch, I won't tell you anything." And spat in her face. She smiled and said, "Legion, you're up." Legion came forward and transformed into Lydia. "Lydia" then grabbed a hot poker and stabbed him in the nipple. Harold screamed in pain that was both physical and mental. Sarina then came forward and said, "Did you gte the information." Legion returned to himself and said, "Yes, the pain opened his mind to me." Sarina smiled and said, "Now we can truly hurt Jame-" Her voice was cut off as a hand, and then an arm thrust through he chest. The arm retracted, then Sarina's corpse fell to the ground to reveal Doctor Plague. Plague looked at his glove and said, "Been a while since I last did that." Plague got Harold down and took him to a hospital. Plague looked at Harold there and concluded that it would be a while before he was concious again. "now I have to find Legion. And end him to save Amelia." Plague said.

Thanks for reading my third chapter. Sorry if it isn't as good as the others but I always seem to have a "meh" chapter. Comments are welcome.

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