When Plague got home, he went straight to Amelia's bed. She wasn't there, so he started panicking. He immediatly went into the living room, only to see something red on the kitchen floor. He went into the kitchen, only to behold Amelia's corpse. He fell to his knees and picked up her body. He cried there for a few minutes and then took Amelia to the Tomb of Oedon. It was a short walk, and it was worth it, for he didn't want Eleanor to see her mother like this. He buried Amelia, just as Harold had buried Lydia. He knew he would not find love again, for while Harold had the charisma and strength to pick up any lady he wanted, Jack did not. As he stood up he slipped and fell, banging his head against a grave stone. He fell into black.

James ran through the Isz Gravestone, for he knew that this was the land of the Great Ones. He took turn after turn, and then he saw them. A gang of Brainsuckers, who saw him at the same time and ran towards him. But these brain suckers looked different. They were taller and were dressed in robes. The magic they shot at him was green. When he looked around, he saw that he wasn't in Isz anymore. He was in a prison, and he heard the screams of suffering in the darkness. He outran the Brainsuckers, and came apon a strange stone in a cell. The stone had a sword sticking out of it. He touched the stone, and he felt himself teleport. When he awoke, he appeared to be in a valley. He was actually above a valley, on multiple catwalks made out of wood and rope. All of this was too sudden for James, and he fainted.

Plague woke up in a field of white flowers, one he knew. He was back in the Dream. "Impossible," Plague said, "i woke up from the Dream." Then he saw that he wasn't alone. With him was a figure with a tendriled cloak and armor of bones. It spoke to him and said, "Welcome, Doctor Plague." Plague did not like its voice, but listened on, "I noticed that you recently lost something important to you, and I want to help you get it back." The figure conjured up an image of Amelia and continued, "In case you were wondering, it was James who brutally murdered your wife, and without me you will never get her back. So I have a deal for you." Plague was always cautious when it came to things like this, but the thought of having Amelia back kept him listening to it as it said, "I will bring Amelia back to life. After all, I am quite skilled at things like that. But, there is a catch." Plague asked, "What is it?" The thing leaned forward and said, "Well, there's actually two catches. The first is the fact that I do not run a charity, so it will be a soul for a soul, a love for a love. I need you to kill Elizabeth." Plague cringed under his mask, for he didn't like killing, but he was willing to do anything for Amelia. He then asked, "What's the second catch?" The figure replied, "When it's all said and done, you let me into your mind. There happens to be things in there that I seek. Well, do we have a deal?" It extended a bony claw, and Plague shook it after a moment's hesitation. The world then swirled, and Plague felt blackness. He woke up in bed, and realized that he never asked the figure's name.

So that's my Chapter 5, I hope you all enjoy it. Sorry if that was a bit hard to follow, but I'm leading into more plots. Also, if you happened to be wondering, "Hey, where is Elizabeth?" I will get to that. Comments are, as always, welcome.

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