Before we start, I would like to say that I'm sorry if my last story didn't meet your expectations. I will try to make up for it here. This prologue takes place after the story, hence the title it has on my profile.

Eleanor looked at James in disbelief. She said, "But how did you end up so far back in time? It couldn't have been Legion's doing. Or that of the Moon Presence." James, now much older, replied, "I don't know how it happened. All I know was that I seemed to be in my worst nightmare, and that I will never go back to the Isz Gravestone." Eleanor then said, "So, my father was evil? You've portrayed him in many different ways, but I can't believe he would become a villain." James looked down and said, "People do bad things when they lose everything they loved. And your father lost your mother." Eleanor then asked in a shaky voice, "But how did you return to Yharnam?" James calmed down, now that he could return to his story, and said, "Fine, I will tell you. But first, we must get something straight. I will finish this story, and then you will return to your training. Understood?" Eleanor nodded so James continued. "I slept there, by the knightess in the Valley. When I woke up, I was back in Yharnam, I don't know how or why I had traveled there. But I needed to finish whatever business I had in Yharnam. And that meant finishing Legion."

I know this is a shorter prologue than the last one, and you may be wondering why. In all honesty, I ran out of ideas of what to put in this chapter. I plan to have this story do much better than my last one. Expect the next chapter soon. And you should know comments are welcome.

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