In Bloodborne, there are alot of weapons. Some weapons like the Burial Blade, Chikage, Blade of Mercy, and Saw Cleaver are absolutely perfect. Weapons like the Tonitrus, Kirkhammer, and Threaded Cane don't deserve to exist, and should be erased from history. I would like to make my own weapon. It is very similar to the Bloodletter, but has some very important differences. The weapon is called "Wrath of the Lancer". It drops from the boss fight I designed against The Nameless Lancer.

The Wrath of the Lancer starts out as a one handed mace that is similar to the Bloodletter's one handed form. It looks different, but has a similar move set. It scales with Strength, and is very powerful. 

When transformed, the Hunter casts a spell on the mace, causing it to grow. It turns into a two handed mace that is pretty slow, but has the power to knock any enemies 10 feet away. It scales entirely with Arcane, and has some moves that are similar to some spells in Dark Souls. The regular R1 attack is very basic, but shoots wind if there are no enemies in melee range. The R2 attack is similar to the Smelter Demon's attack where it stabs its sword into the ground and let's off a blast that goes in all directions. The L2 attack is a whirlwind attack that knocks back any enemy unlucky enough to get hit by it. The transformation attack is cool because the Hunter hits the enemy twice: once with the one handed version, and once with the two handed version. 

Also, the mace looks like the Skeleton King's mace in Diablo 3. There is a one handed and two handed version of that, so it is very simple. The best thing about the Wrath of the Lancer is that when you transform it into its Arcane form, the Hunter is now covered in blue flames, kind of like one of the Lords of Cinder.

Also, the weapon is very powerful against anything that is weak to Arcane. Personally, my Arcane stat is only at 7, so this weapon wouldn't be at its best when I use it, but the scaling is absolutely massive. When at 99 Arcane, the Arcane mace is downright overpowered. Its damage is comparable to that of the Chikage. 

Tell me what you think in the comments. What would your personalized weapon be like? 

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