Blood in the Cathedral is the first chapter of my ninth fanfiction, "Bloody Crow of Cainhurst". You don't have to be a genious to know who this story is about. This is probably going to be my only fanfiction with no connection to Harold Jenkins's story. This story is very similar to "The Last Hunt", so for the one person who enjoyed that story (you know who you are) this story will be similar. 

This chapter is going to be very different than some other introductions, since this is actually going to start at the end, and the next few chapters are going to be a flashback. This chapter is also very short. Enjoy. 

Blood in the Cathedral 

I walked into the Grand Cathedral. My sword was covered in fresh blood, and I was badly wounded. I was leaving a blood trail as I limped into the church. I was dragging my sword on the ground as I approached the altar. 

As I drew closer to the altar, my legs abandoned me, and I fell to my knees. I crawled up on the altar, and layed down on my back. I thought I was going to bleed out. I then heard a nearby door open. 

A woman came into the Cathedral, and she was surprised when she saw me dying on the altar. I was wearing Cainhurst armor and a crowfeather coat, which is not a very common thing to see someone wearing. She approached me, and took my helmet off to see my face. My eyes were bandaged, and I was an old man. She told me that I was going to be okay. 

11 years ago. 


After "The Last Hunt" turned out to be total shit, you're probably wondering why I am going something similar. "The Last Hunt" was so difficult to make because I had to combine Father Gascoigne's lore with non-canon elements, but the Bloody Crow of Cainhurst doesn't really have any lore. The next chapter will be out on Monday. Tell me what you think in the comments. 

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