Rise of the Bloody Crow is the second chapter of my ninth fanfiction, "Bloody Crow of Cainhurst". This chapter is going to be very inaccurate to the lore, but I don't really care. This chapter is also pretty short. Enjoy. 

Rise of the Bloody Crow 

My name is Altair. I am the trusted and royal guard of Queen Annalise of the Vilebloods. I never leave my Queen's side unless told to. Equipped with my Cainhurst armor and Chikage, I am feared by many and equal to none. I was granted the title "Crow of Cainhurst" due to the Crowfeather coat that I took from the dead body of a hunter who was foolish enough to attack me. 

Many Cainhurst nobles were present, but I answered to no one but my Queen. Usually, I only ever thought about my duty as a bodyguard, until I met someone. A distant relative of Queen Annalise, Maria, was very beautiful. I was granted leave one day, and decided to introduce myself to Maria. She seemed interested in me, which I think is a good thing. I didn't really know how to talk to women, so I definitely seemed like an idiot when talking to Maria. When Maria left Cainhurst to go to Yharnam, I was greatly saddened. 

Eventually, Queen Annalise noticed that I was always sad, and asked me what was wrong. 

Altair: I was in love with Maria, and now she's gone. 

Queen Annalise: Interesting. 

Altair: She's probably never coming back. 

Queen Annalise: Go find her. 

Altair: What? 

Queen Annalise: Go to Yharnam. 

Altair: That would require me to abandon my duty. 

Queen Annalise: I'll be fine. Go. 

Altair: Thank you, my Queen. 

I bowed to my queen, then left Cainhurst. I was worried that something bad was going to happen when I was gone, but I made my choice. I was going to Yharnam. 


Was that chapter good? I don't really know. I actually looked up the lore of the Bloody Crow, and based this off of that. Tell me what you think in the comments. 

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