Deathless is the third chapter of my ninth fanfiction, "Bloody Crow of Cainhurst". Another ironic title. This chapter is much longer than the previous two chapters. Enjoy. 

I can't tell if I'm getting progressively worse at writing dialogue, or if I've always been bad at it. 


I left Cainhurst, determined to find Maria. While I wanted to do it, something inside me thought that I was doing the wrong thing. That doesn't matter to me, since I'm doing what I want to do. I've never been to Yharnam, so this should be fun. 

Upon arriving in Yharnam, I was fascinated by the place. I got sidetracked since I wanted to explore the place. I lost track of time, and explored every area of Yharnam. I was walking through Old Yharnam when I remembered why I came to this city. Then I heard footsteps behind me. I grabbed my scabbard, and was ready to draw my sword, until I heard her voice. 

Maria: You're a bit far from home, aren't you, Altair? 

Altair: I am. 

Maria: What brings you to Yharnam? 

I turned around. 

Altair: I came here looking for you. 

Maria: Why? 

Altair: Care to make a guess? 

Maria: Oh, I see. 

Altair: I love you, Maria. I have loved you for a long time. 

Maria: Wow. 

Altair: I should go back to Cainhurst. 

Maria: Don't go. 

Altair: Why not? 

Maria: I became the student of a hunter. Join me. 

I thought about this for a minute or two, and ultimately accepted. 

Altair: Okay. I'll do it. 

I followed Maria to a workshop or something like that. It looked like a small house, but I could tell that it wasn't. It was kind of creepy. 

Altair: I already don't like this place. 

Maria: I felt the same when I arrived here. Come on. 

We entered the workshop, and there was a man. The man was wearing a brown coat, black cape, a metal gauntlet, maroon-ish trousers, a top hat, and brown boots. He had a scythe on his lap. 

Gehrman: Welcome back, Maria. Who is this? 

Maria: He is a friend of mine. He is here to join us. 

"That's NOT why I'm here", I thought in my head. 

Gehrman: Very well. Let's take a look at him, shall we? 

I took of my helmet. He looked at me for about 2 minutes, which made me kind of uncomfortable. 

Gehrman: You seem worthy. What is your name? 

Altair: My name is Altair. But you can call me "The Crow". 

Gehrman: As you wish. I am Gehrman. What kind of weapons do you have? 

Altair: I protect people using the best way I know how.... 

I took out my Chikage. 

Altair: With my sword. 

Gehrman: If you're going to be one of us, you will need a firearm. 

Altair: Why? All I need is my sword. 

Gehrman: You need a firearm, but you don't have to use it. 

Gehrman went over to a chest, and pulled out a pistol, then gave it to me. It was gold colored, had two barrells, and a wheel on the left side. It was really cool. 

Altair: I've held a few firearms in my time, but none were as cool as this one. I like it. 

Maria: Nerd. 

Altair: What? 

Gehrman: So. Let the training begin. 

Over the next few weeks Gehrman trained me. He taught me how to master many different weapons but I still preferred my sword. He even gave me an item that let me become temporarily invisible. The technique is called "quickening". 

Gehrman: You learn fast, Altair. When people start to see what you and Maria are capable of, we should get more recruits. 

Altair: I've always been good at learning. I had to be. 

Gehrman: Soon, the hunt begins. I expect you to fight well against beasts. 

Altair: There's one way to find out. 

On my first hunt, I did better than Gehrman expected. I killed every beast I came across, showing no mercy. My Chikage was stained by the blood of the beast, and so was my armor. I then earned a new title: The Bloody Crow. The name suited me all too well. 

For ten years, I hunted. Maria was my comrade, and we were always together on the night of the hunt. We weren't the most effective duo, but we got the job done. Gehrman was proud of the two of us. 

After ten years of being a hunter, I was on my final hunt. I was in the Cathedral Ward, and attacked a large beast. I wounded it, but it ran away. I would not let anyone or anything escape me, so I followed it. The beast went into the Forbidden Woods. It ran, so I ran too. The beast went over a wooden bridge, and I kept pursuing it. I ran so carelessly that I didn't notice a presurre plate on the ground. I heard Maria tell me to stop running, but it was too late. I activated the trap. 

Altair: Oh shit... 

A large wooden log filled with spikes swung from a tree branch and hit me. I flew 10 feet back, and I died. Or did I survive? 


It's very predictable what is going to happen next. I'm not even sure if this is accurate to the lore. Tell me what you think in the comments. 

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