Deal with the Devil is the fourth chapter of my ninth fanfiction, "Bloody Crow of Cainhurst". This is the point where the story starts becoming more mainstream and less original. I hope that you like this chapter. 

This is also a very short chapter. 

Deal with the Devil 

After being killed by the swinging log in the Forbidden Woods, I woke up. I was in a field of white flowers. The moon was red, and the air was cold. Where the hell am I? 

I was about to start looking around, but there was a shadow cast on me. I looked up, and saw a Great One. It was an eldritch being made of human bones and flesh. Except its head. I don't know what its head is made of. It landed on the ground, and started talking to me. 

Moon Presence: Welcome, warrior. You have died, and are now in this purgatory. 

Altair: Where am I? Who are you? What are you? 

Moon Presence: I am the Moon Presence. I am a god, and you are in my realm. 

Altair: I can't stay here. 

Moon Presence: If you wish to leave this place, then you must do as I tell you to. 

Altair: I'm listening. 

Moon Presence: Go back to Yharnam, and kill all Hunters imprisoned in my domain. Then, you can have your life back. 

Altair: As you wish. 

Moon Presence: Go now, and complete your task. It will not be easy, but I have seen what you are capable of. You are more than capable of completing this task. 

Altair: It will be done. 

The Moon Presence transported me to a nightmarish version of Yharnam. It looked the same, but it was obvious that I wasn't in the real Yharnam. I will find those Hunters, and kill them. I don't know why the Moon Presence wants them dead, but that doesn't matter to me. 


This chapter is not great, but it is very, very, VERY important. The title is also very important. Tell me what you think in the comments. 

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