Final Resting is the eighth and final chapter of my ninth fanfiction, "Bloody Crow of Cainhurst". This is a very short chapter, but it doesn't have to be that long. Enjoy. 

Final Resting 

I attacked the hunter. I was very wounded, but I could still fight. The hunter immediately transformed his Hunter Axe, and did a spin attack, which knocked me to the ground. I quickly got up, and stabbed myself with my sword. I fought very aggressively, but this time the advantage wasn't mine. My injuries were so severe that I was greatly weakened. 

I took my pistol back out and shot the hunter, but he didn't flinch. I continued fighting, but in the end, I was defeated. I dropped to my knees, then fell on my chest. The hunter left me to bleed out. Then, I realized something. I grabbed my Repeating Pistol, and shot the hunter in the back of the head, killing him. 

Moon Presence: Well done, Altair. You have killed 10 hunters. Be free now. 

Altair: Was I being used? 

Moon Presence: No. I always keep my word. 

Altair: I'm free. 

After killing the tenth hunter, I woke up. I was at Gehrman's Worshop. Gehrman and Maria were happy that I was alive. 

Altair: I'm alive. 

Maria: Welcome home. 

Gehrman: Next time, don't be careless. I don't want to lose my best warrior again. 

Altair: I learn from my mistakes. Do you? 

Gehrman: Yes. 

The End.


Was this a good ending? I don't know. Tell me what you think in the comments. 


The way Altair drops to his knees after being defeated is based off of Dragonslayer Ornstein's death animation when killing him before Executioner Smough. 

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