Blinded Vengeance is the sixth chapter of my eighth fanfiction, "Immortalized". You don't need to be a genious to know where the name came from. Do I have enough revenge themed chapters? Nah. 

Also, this chapter has sexual content towards the beginning. You probably already know who is going to do it. 

It does take some time for the "Blinded Vengeance" to start. Let's go. 

Blinded Vengeance 

Henriett and I returned to Yharnam. We went to my house to have some "fun". We went into my bedroom, crawled onto my bed, and started making out again. After about 10 seconds, we started taking off our clothes. Then, the fun began. That was probably the first or second best night of my life. I had more fun than every night with Lydia. Our fun lasted about 10 hours. When it was morning, we both got dressed, and started talking. 

Henriett: That was fun, Harold. 

Harold: Yes it was. I'm a terrible person. 

Henriett: Why do you think that? 

Harold: My wife died and I'm already fucking another woman. 

Henriett: How's that bad?

Harold: I guess it isn't. I always have been a bit of a lady’s man. 

Henriett: That's not a bad thing. 

Harold: Want to know why I came to Yharnam? 

Henriett: Why? 

Harold: I banged my stepsister, and she got pregnant. 

Henriett: That's cool. 

Harold: Are you being serious? 

Henriett: Yeah. That's a good reason to leave home. 

Harold: Want some food or coffee? 

Henriett: Sure. 

Harold: Well which one, food or coffee? 

Henriett: Both. 

We had some breakfast, then I decided to get back on task. 

Harold: I think I know how to kill Maltron. He has the power of electrokinesis. His body is constantly giving off a shock, so I think we need to get him to fall into a body of water. Water and bolt don't go well together. 

Henriett: Good idea. 

Harold: Before we go, I need to get an eye patch. 

Henriett: Okay. 

I went to the shop, bought an eye patch, then went back to my house and told Henriett that it was time. We then set out on our journey. I decided that we could use another person, so I went to the bar and found Viktor, and told him to come with us. He agreed to help us. I had a great plan. 

Harold: Let's go to Maltron's hideout and wait for him to return. We need to not kill any of his minions, otherwise he'll know that we are there. 

Viktor: That doesn't sound easy. 

Henriett: Stealth is my specialty. 

Harold: Let's go.

Vengeance is a dish best served cold. My vengeance will be served partially blind. 


This chapter is great. The last 2 chapters should be out tomorrow, but I might publish them early. Tell me what you think in the comments. 

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