Immortalized is the eighth and final chapter of my eighth fanfiction, "Immortalized". I don't actually know what immortalized even means, but I used the name for this fanfiction because it sounds cool. Harold does kill Maltron in this chapter, but you're probably never going to guess how. Enjoy. 

This chapter is also pretty short, since my epilogues are always short. 


The resurrected Viktor attacked me and Henriett. Maltron tried to run away, but I was not going to let him escape. 

Harold: You take Viktor. I'm going after Maltron. 

Henriett: But... 

Harold: I'm not letting him escape me again. 

I chased after Maltron while Henriett dealt with Viktor. Maltron's injury slowed him down enough for me to catch up to him easily. When I was closing in, Maltron swung one of his blades at me, but I caught it and broke the chain. He then attacked me with his other blade, and I did the same thing. Now almost completely defenseless, Maltron tried desperately to run away, but I charged at him, threw him onto the ground, and used his own blade to gouge both of Maltron's eyes out. 

Maltron: Harold, please. Show mercy! 

Harold: Face your death with some courage, coward! 

I then picked Maltron up, and threw him into the water down below. The moment he hit the water, his lightning zapped everything in the water, and killing him. 

Harold: Burn in hell, demon! 

I then saw that Henriett had killed Viktor. We brought his body back to Yharnam, and buried him next to Lydia. Rest in peace. 

I put Viktor's armor on an armor stand in my house. The armor was one of the several items that I kept as a reminder of someone who had died, along with Zachary's pistol, the ancient statues that Krystof had collected for me, and Kade's Saw Cleaver. Viktor's armor was Cainhurst Armor, but had a Crowfeather coat instead of the Cainhurst chest piece. 

I was sitting in the dining room, eating some rice, when Henriett came in and sat down next to me. 

Henriett: We did it. 

Harold: Yes. I sent that son of a bitch to hell where he belongs. 

Henriett: Your wife and child have been avenged. 

Harold: None of this had to happen. 

Henriett: But it did. 

Harold: It's over now. 


To be honest, this story probably one of my best. Tell me what you think in the comments. 

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