There are alot of attire sets in Bloodborne. Some are really cool, and some are really lame. I would like to design my own personal attire, that is available to only me, The Nameless Lancer.

My dream attire is really exotic, but also really cool. It is basically a combination of different sets, with different colors. There are two versions of every piece, with the exception of the trousers. The set grants complete immunity to Rapid Poison. The set is very tattered and bloodstained. Here’s what I would like:

The Lancer's Cloak - I would like a version of Brador’s Testimony that is black instead of blue. Also, the right antler is broken in half, like when Brador is in his cell. Also, I would like to have a black bandana. The Cleric Beast scalp is also much longer than Brador's Testimony, but not as long as the Beast Hide Garb. 

Hooded Knight Helm - The second version of the head gear is way cooler. It is pretty much the Alonne Knight Helmet in Dark Souls 2, with a black hood that connects perfectly to the cape of both chest pieces.

The Lancer's Garb - The chest attire is pretty much a gray version of Henryk’s Hunter Garb. It would also have a cape similar to the one on the Old Hunter Garb. That would be badass. Also, the sleeves are very torn, and the coat is extremely bloodstained. 

The Lancer's Coat - This is the second chest piece for the set. This is basically the caped Hunter Garb with a longer, tattered cape. It is also very torn and bloodstained, but not as much as the other chest attire for the set. 

The Lancer's Gloves -  The gloves are basically the Hunter Gloves with Bloodied Bandages on the hands. That sounds pretty cool. And the gloves are also fingerless. 

Bloodied Iron Gauntlets - These are the cooler gauntlets. On the left hand is basically a darker version of the Charred Hunter Gauntlet. On the right hand is a glove almost identical to the one that Gehrman wears during his fight, but there is a black glove under the bandages, and the Hunter’s hand has a bloodied bandage.

The Lancer's Trousers - The trousers are a version of the Charred Hunter Trousers that are dark blue instead of gray. The boots are unchanged. There are some holes in the trousers, and some bloodstains. 

This set would be called the “Lancer’s Set” of course. Tell me what you think in the comments. What would your personalized attire be like?

Can someone make fanart of this set?

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