The Messenger is the second chapter of my fifteenth fanfiction, "Revenge of the Crow". The title is referring to Defector Antal. I hope you like this chapter. 

The Messenger 

Antal walked towards everyone, and crossed his arms. Caryll wasn't happy that he walked into her house. 

Caryll: Who are you? Get out of my house! 

Defector Antal: Oh, terribly sorry, my dear. I am Antal. I am a Defector for the School of Mensis. 

Gehrman: The what? 

Defector Antal: Well, while you, Maria, and the other one....

Maria: His name is Altair. 

Defector Antal: Right. While you were out chasing dragons, Laurence and Willem got into an argument about the use of the Old Blood. Laurence left Byrgenwerth, and formed the Healing Church. I was told to tell you that you need to pick Laurence's side. You will form the branch of the church known as the Workshop. I am part of the School of Mensis. There is also the Choir. Do you understand what I'm saying? 

Gehrman: Perfectly. 

Caryll: Now get out of my house! 

Defector Antal: As you wish. Have a good night. 

He left the house, and everyone was thinking about what he had said. Meanwhile, I was upstairs, lying on the floor, dazed. When morning came, my head hurt very badly. I yelled in pain, then went downstairs. When I looked at Maria, she looked terrified. I couldn't remember what had happened last night, so I didn't know why she looked upset. I sat down next to her, and she slightly moved away from me. I was really confused. 

Altair: What happened last night? I can't remember. 

Maria: Nothing. 

Altair: Is something wrong? 

Maria: No. 

Altair: If you say so. 

She told me about Antal, and his message. I never liked Willem, so I was perfectly fine with leaving Byrgenwerth. We headed to the Workshop, and Gehrman was waiting for us. He was crafting weapons, and he told us that he wasn't happy about the current situation. I went to Yahar'gul, and tried to find Antal. I found him, and we spoke. 

Defector Antal: You must be Altair. I've heard a lot about you. 

Altair: I am Altair. Who are you? 

Defector Antal: I'm Antal. I'm just a hunter who works for a very powerful school.

Altair: Why does a school need hunters? 

Defector Antal: Well, "hunter" isn't really a good word to describe us. It's just a title. 

Altair: That is fuckin' stupid. 

Defector Antal: I agree. 

Altair: Have a good day, Antal.

Defector Antal: You too. 

As I walked away, I whispered to myself. 

Altair: Jackass. 


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