The Great Escape is the eleventh chapter of my tenth fanfiction, "The Iron Lancers". I decided to publish this early because I couldn't fall asleep. Enjoy this chapter. 

Also, I had to type this on my kindle fire, so this is not going to be pefect. Here we go. This chapter is still a work in progress. 

The Great Escape 

I was ready to escape. Now, I just needed to wait until the time was right. That could take a while. I was very impatient. For 3 weeks, there was no progress. There was always a guard in the room, so I couldn't make my escape. That's when I made a plan. 

The day of my escape, I told Pale my plan. She was hesitant, but I told her that it was something that she does all the god damn time. She accepted that. 

That night, the time had come. At midnight, I started yelling like I was in pain. This made the guard come over to my cell. He was pissed. 

Iron Lancer: Shut the fuck up, Jenkins! 

Harold: Help me! 

Iron Lancer: What the fuck is wrong with you, Harold? 

Harold: I'm in pain, you stupid motherfucker! Help. Me. 

Iron Lancer: God dammit! 

The guard unlocked my cell, and walked over to me. When he was close to me, I stabbed him 37 times in the chest with my shiv. I took his Rifle Spear, and the keys. I freed everyone. I unlocked Arminius's cell, but he stayed put. 

Harold: Arminius, it's time to leave. 

Arminius: I can't leave. My leg will only slow you down. Just find Samantha. Tell her that I love her. 

Harold: Samantha? That was my mother's name. 

Arminius: Go. Now. 

I went up the stairs of the prison. There were only 3 more guards, so I killed them all easily. I headed back to my cell, and opened the trap door under my bed. We all escaped. That was easier than I had anticipated. Oh well. At least we are free now. I then headed straight to Ancrya to find Arminius's mistress, Samantha. 


This chapter is not very good. I just wanted to publish something. Tell me what you think in the comments. 

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