The Burning Crusade is the third chapter of my tenth fanfiction, "The Iron Lancers". This chapter is very important. There is going to be a very cool battle. Enjoy. 

The Burning Crusade 

We set out on our crusade. I brought 1,500 Lancers. The next bandit fortress we attacked was near King Miltiades's Citadel. The fort was much bigger than the rest, almost like a castle. The walls were made of wood, which was a weakness. The problem was that it was raining, so fire wasn't a good idea. There were 800 bandits in the fort. 300 were archers, and 80 were positioned on the walls. I was about to give an order, but someone had to annoy the living shit out of me. 

Pale: Harold, what's the plan? 

Harold: I was about to say the plan before you interrupted me. 

Pale: Sorry. I'm just excited. 

Harold: If you don't shut the fuck up, I will blow your god damn head off. 

Pale: Please don't do that. 

Harold: Then stop talking to me. 

Pale: I'm sorry. 

Harold: You're still talking to me, god dammit! 

Then I remembered what I was going to say. 

Harold: We are going to snipe the enemies on the walls, then run up to the gate, and get in when they come out. 

I looked at Ptolemy. 

Harold: Ptolemy. Take about 100 men and go around the fort. Try to find another entrance. 

I then looked at Pale. 

Harold: Pale. You're with me. Don't die. 

She didn't say anything. 

Harold: You can talk now. 

Pale: I'm ready. 

Harold: Move out! 

I used my Piercing Rifle to take out the bandit archers on the walls. Other Lancers used their Rifle Spears to snipe. We took out all of the archers. Ptolemy led his group to the other side of the fort, and didn't get shot at by any archers since I took them out. I led the rest of the group to charge at the fort. When the bandits came out, we killed them all, and got inside the fort. Ptolemy found another entrance, and got inside. When we got inside, we were ambushed. The bandits were assisted by the Armenians. They had Rifles, and alot of Lancers died. 

The Armenians opened fire, killing alot of my soldiers. We returned fire, killing almost all of the enemy. We reloaded our guns faster than the Armenians could, and killed them all. We won the battle, but lost 977 Lancers. This was a costly battle. I would barely call it a victory. I put a flag on all four of the fort's gates. I didn't feel accomplished, because we had suffered great losses. Unfortunately, Pale survived. 


Thank you for reading chapter 3. I hope you liked it, and tell me what you think in the comments. 

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