Order is the fifth chapter of my tenth fanfiction, "The Iron Lancers". This chapter is a major turning point in the story. I hope that you like it. 

The next few chapters are going to be pretty short. This story is going to have 16 chapters, so there is going to be alot of variation in the lengths of the chapters. 


After our victory, Ptolemy set up garrisons in every fort that we captured. His goal in establishing order throughout Yharnam will hopefully go well, but I still have a suspicion. I returned home, and Henriett was happy to see me. I told her everything that happened. 

Henriett: I'm happy that you didn't die, Harold. What would I do without you? 

Harold: You would probably be absolutely fine if I didn't exist, Henriett. And I'm fucking indestructable. 

Henriett: I love you, Harold. 

She then kissed me. We went to bed that night, and had fun. The next day, one of the Lancers approached me. He was wearing a fancy outfit with many brass trinkets attached to it, and a big top hat, but I recognized his face. 

Iron Lancer: Harold, I have a message for you. 

Harold: What's that? Is it important? 

Iron Lancer: Yes. Ptolemy needs to speak with you at Maltron's cave. 

Harold: Why didn't he just come here instead of sending you? 

Iron Lancer: I don't know. 

Harold: Ptolemy was always weird. 

I then went to Maltron's cave. Ptolemy was in Maltron's house, writing something in a journal. He was wearing an outfit similar to the one that the Lancer that approached me eariler was wearing, but Ptolemy's had a small cape. He was also wearing a much smaller hat the he normally does. 

Harold: Ptolemy, what the fuck are you wearing? 

Ptolemy: I decided to give the Lancers new uniforms. Mine is special to signify that I am the leader. 

Harold: Good idea. You needed to see me? 

He stood up. 

Ptolemy: I have successfully established garrisons throughout Yharnam. I hope that this lasts. We worked very hard in accomplishing our goal, and I would hate to see that effort wasted. 

I looked away from Ptolemy, which was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. He took out his sword, and stabbed me in the back. I fell to the ground, and was badly hurt. 

Harold: What do you hope to gain from this, Ptolemy? 

Ptolemy: Power. All men seek to gain power, but in different ways. You were only being used, Harold. 

I got up and took out my Burial Blade and Piercing Rifle, got into a fighting stance. 

Harold: That ends now. 


This chapter is pretty good. The next chapter will be out soon. Tell me what you think in the comments. 

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