Releasing the Demons is the sixth chapter of my tenth fanfiction, "The Iron Lancers". This chapter is not very long, but is good. Let's get this shit started. 

Also, there are no actual demons in the chapter. This chapter is entirely Harold and Ptolemy's dual. It is a pretty damn good dual if you ask me. 

Releasing the Demons 

I attacked Ptolemy, and he proved to be a very skilled fighter. He was very aggressive, agile, and fast. He could even go a backflip to evade my attacks. 

I shot Ptolemy in the leg with my Piercing Rifle, which slowed him down. He was still very aggressive, but his injured leg reduced his agility by a very large amount. He tried to run away from he, but he couldn't. He got out of Maltron's house, and we continued fighting. Ptolemy occasionally picked up nearby objects and used them as weapons. He was losing alot of blood, which should have made him be more defensive, but this fucker was insane. Ptolemy did have a few throwing knives, but didn't use them. He always prefered keeping his distance, but he wasn't doing that here. Maybe his is concentrating on killing me too much. 

Ptolemy didn't stand a god damn chance against me. He was strong, but I am stronger. My injury was nothing, but his injury was major. Victory for me was almost imminent. 

Unfortunately, some of the Iron Lancers arrived, and helped Ptolemy escape. They were using Piercing Rifles like I was, but they couldn't aim for shit. I killed all of them, but Ptolemy got away. 

I was only being used? Why didn't I see this coming? Are all of the Lancers against me? Hopefully not. I will kill Ptolemy for betraying me. 


Thank you for reading this chapter. Tell me what you think in the comments. 

And before you ask, yes, the Iron Lancers are wearing the Decorative Old Hunter Garb. And Ptolemy is dressed like the Beasthunter Saif wielding Old Hunter. 

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