Rogue Warrior is the seventh chapter of my tenth fanfiction, "The Iron Lancers". This chapter is pretty cool. Enjoy. 

This chapter is kind of like something from Skyrim. 

Rogue Warrior 

I set out to find Ptolemy. As far as I knew, I was on my own. I had to be careful. There were 3,000 Lancers left, but I was a warrior without an army. I could not take on all of the Lancers alone. Well, I probably could, but I didn't want to. There had to be some Lancers who were still loyal to me, but for now, I was all alone. 

I started my hunt by going back to my house. I was not surprised that some of the Lancers were in Yharnam waiting for me. They shot at me, but I killed them quickly. I went into my house, and told Henriett that I had to leave for a while. She tried to ask me why, but I couldn't tell her. I rushed out of the house, and left Yharnam. I vowed not to return until Ptolemy was dead. I was a Rogue Warrior, and I would kill all of the enemy. 

I started by going to one of the bandit forts that we conquered, and saw that it was guarded by about 40 Lancers. I waited until it was nighttime before attacking. Once night came, I saw that most of the Lancers left their posts, allowing me to enter the fort easily. There were 10 guards on the walls, and I killed them stealthily. I then entered the fort. 

I stealth killed about 15 more Lancers before someone sounded the alarm. Then I killed any Lancers who attacked me. The commander of the fort was wearing similar attire to Ptolemy, except his hat was bigger. He was using a Hunter Axe. This son of a bitch was very formidable. He did a spin attack that was probably very deadly. He did more damage to his surroundings than he did to me. I did kill him eventually, but he put up a great fight. I successfully cleared out one of the Lancers' forts, but I still had alot of work to do. 

I stayed the night at the fort, and was woken up by the sound of someone marching towards the fort. I went out, and saw that Pale was leading a bunch of Lancers. These Lancers were wearing different attire than the ones that I had killed. Their uniforms were similar to Pale's attire, except the hat and mask was different. There were about 800 of them. Pale spoke to me. 

Pale: We are still loyal to you, Harold. We will help you kill Ptolemy. You are not alone. 

Harold: Thank you. I don't really need your help, but I will accept it. 

Pale: Harold, stop being an overconfident mother fucker. 

Harold: That's the first thing you said that wasn't fucking stupid. 

Pale: When do we start? 


I'm on a role today. I am going to release up to chapter 10, but I might not stop there. Tell me what you think in the comments. 

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