Goddamned is the ninth chapter of my tenth fanfiction, "The Iron Lancers". This chapter is going to surprise you. Then again, the title of the next chapter might give away something. Enjoy this chapter. 

I really like the term "God Damn". Too bad I already have a chapter called "God Damn". 


We charged the fort, getting through the destroyed gate easily. We got shot at by the enemy, but they can't aim for shit. I told Pale to take care of anything outside, and that I was going to find Ptolemy. She took care of it. I entered the main building of fort, and found Ptolemy. He was ready to fight me. 

Harold: This time, old friend, you will not escape from me. 

Ptolemy: You are right, Harold. 

Harold: This ends. Now. 

We fought. The fight was almost exactly the same as our previous 2 fights. Ptolemy used nearby objects as weapons, and I kicked his arse. While fighting him, I could hear alot of chaos going on outside. After fighting Ptolemy for about 2 mintues, I was shot in the ankle by one of his Lancers. I fell to the ground and yelled. I was brought outside, and I saw that my Lancers had lost. Pale told them to surrender, not wanting to get anyone else killed. I respected her choice. There were only 20 of my Lancers left. 

Ptolemy: You have lost, Harold. You will be imprisoned. You are going to be my slave forever. 

Harold: Fuck you, motherfucker. 

Ptolemy looked at one of his captains. 

Ptolemy: Take them to the Abandoned Prison. There they will rot. 

Lancer Captain: It will be done. 

Me, Pale, and the remaining Lancers were taken to a prison built onto the side of a mountain. It was bizarre. We were taken in, and given prison outfits. My prison outfit had a blue striped sweater, gray striped pants, black gloves, brown boots, and a red bandana that I wore as a hat. I wasn't allowed to wear my eye patch, so everybody could see my eye, which was completely white. They took my Yahar'gul attire away. I never saw that outfit again. 

I was put in a cell next to Pale. She did talk alot, but I actually kind of liked it. I noticed that everybody's outfit was different that mine, since I was the only person who had a blue sweater. I instantly began forming a plan on how to escape. I examined the guards shifts, their daily and nightly routines, and I even made my self a shiv. I will escape this place. 


This chapter is badass. I hope you liked it, and tell me what you think in the comments. 

Also, Harold's prison outfit is identical to Viktor Reznov's in Black Ops 1. 

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