Vermin is a consumable Item in Bloodborne. It was added with Patch 1.07.

Max No. Held 99
Max Stored 99

Usage Type

QS Bullet Use QS Bullet Use -

Attribute Bonus
Strength icon 2 - Skill icon 2 - Bloodtinge icon 2 - Arcane icon 2 -
Attribute Requirement
Strength icon 2 - Skill icon 2 - Bloodtinge icon 2 - Arcane icon 2 -
Successful invasion as member of The League (wearing Impurity Oath Rune.)


In-Game Description

A centipede-like creature discovered on successful hunts by League hunters.
Vermin, found hidden within filth, are only seen by League confederates, and are the root of man's impurity. The League has assumed the task of finding and crushing all vermin.
Perhaps there is some mercy in the madness. Those who wish to see vermin can, and those who choose to are provided with boundless purpose.


Can only be attained through these methods if the Impurity rune is equipped:

  • Drops from the three "red-eyed" Old Hunters in the Hunters Nightmare area
  • Successful Co-Op play reward
  • PvP reward item


Used to level up in the League Confederates, and progress through Valtr's questline. Only 5 are required to finish it.


  • To more effectively progress through Valtr's questline, simply equip the Impurity rune and kill the 3 red-eyed Old Hunters in the Hunter's Nightmare, thus reducing the number of times a player must engage with others in online play.


  • These vermin resemble centipede.

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