Виола №1К
Appears In Bloodborne
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation Yharnamites
Health None
Level N/A
Status Deceased
Location Tomb of Oedon roof top
Voiced By None

Viola is a character in Bloodborne.


Viola is Father Gascoigne's wife, and mother of the Young Girl. She appears to be blonde and has a unique black dress.

The Hunter is tasked by their daughter to find her. By the time The Hunter find her, she lies dead in the Tomb of Oedon. And her Red Jeweled Brooch lies with her.


Viola is Father Gascoigne's wife. She often went out to take her husband home after a long night of the hunt since he never came back from the hunt.

Gascoigne was often too blood-drunk to remember who she was so she carried a Tiny Music Box, which plays one of his favorite songs, to remind him who he was.

This night, however, she forgot her Tiny Music Box. And followed next might have brought Gascoigne over to the true edge of madness.

Players may encounter the house of Viola and her husband. Inside will be the Young Girl, their daughter, who will politely beg the Hunter to find her beloved mother alive. This is already a failed quest and players can only give the harrowing news to the young child, bluntly, or, they may tell her to seek refuge. Regardless of what players decide, this story ends badly either way.


  • After killing Mergo’s Wet Nurse, Viola's corpse will suddenly vanish, without rhyme or reason.


  • On his last dying breath, Father Gascoigne says "Forgive me" in a distorted voice. Implying perhaps that he is the one who killed his own wife, Viola.
    • Interestingly enough, there is no mention of Gascoigne killing Viola, it is merely heavily implied by the multiple corpses of Huntsmen scattered around and Gascoigne's own blood-drunk insanity. Because of it, it possible that Viola might have died at the hands of Huntsmen for whatever reason, and that that is why Gascoigne's went mad and slaughtered the Huntsmen. This, however, is purely theoretical, and "Occam's Razor" suggest that Gascoigne is indeed the culprit.
  • There's speculation that Henryk is the "granddad" mentioned by Gascoigne's daughter- the Young Girl. Whether he's literally her grandfather or whether it's a term of endearment isn't clear. With that in mind, it's possible that Viola, Gascoigne's wife, is Henryk's daughter.


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